SSG has really brought us together as a team when we were all in our own bubbles just trying to stay afloat. The SSG Specialist pushes us to give our best, supports us when we fall short, and encourages us throughout challenges and celebrates our wins. They have been an awesome leader and without them I am not sure that our team would've survived - they really took the time to get to know each of our working styles - and how to bring out the best of us both individually and collectively.

Personally, thanks to SSG, I have stayed with the organisation, and I am so glad I did. Thanks to their encouragement and support, I made the right decision and have absolutely no regrets.”


Communications Manager | Aged Care Plus

Placing a head of MarComms at Aged Care Plus



The Salvation Army has gone through a national transformation aligning into a One Australia Group bringing the Eastern and Southern Territories together.

As with all major change within organisations there are causalities along the way; struggles to cope with major changes in structure and operations, ‘how we do things around here’. The uncertainty created an opportunity for the engagement of a contract Head of MarComms in Aged Care.

Our Solution

As we often see, bringing in ‘an outsider’ with a fresh approach can lead to a gelling of the team. After an analysis of each member’s roles within the department a plan was developed to give the team more purpose and cohesion; we needed to work more closely together to achieve the short-term goals of the business.
The solution focused around the new structure and dealt with some of its challenges; a new Collaboration Project Management tool was introduced, that allowed the team to work together. The results increased productivity enormously.

The process

We place a part-time Marketing Director within the business who worked on raising the spirits of the team through cultural change activities, giving each member a stronger appreciation of the tasks and roles of other members of the team. They formed part of the Executive Committee responsible for developing marketing strategies to improve occupancy levels within their Aged Care Centres as well as selling a suite of Independent Living Units in the retirement Villages.

The Outcome

  • Transformation
    The team made a complete transformation over a period of 5 months. 
  • Collaboration
    A new Collaboration Project Management Tool was introduced that allowed the team to work together and unify the team.
  • Short Term Plan
    A plan was developed by Anne so that the team could work together in order to achieve short-term goals of the business.

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