Our client wanted to review their tactical marketing plan, with a brief to drive greater enquiries and lead generation back to their distribution partners. Further, they understood that their team at the time lacked cohesion and transparency, and needed some focused attention through 3 or 4 clear initiatives.



Our Sydney-based Digital Marketing Director, was engaged on a 2 day/basis to work alongside the in-house marketing team. After initial information gathering on objectives, target audiences and a review of current & planned marketing initiatives Beate documented clear objectives to drive the current and future marketing initiatives. This formed the basis for a tactical marketing plan with recommendations focused on acquiring new leads in addition to those tactics that were already planned and more focused on existing clients.

Beate worked closely with Attaché’s Marketing Manager to flesh out the marketing plan and seek approval from management. The plan gave overall direction and brought transparency to the volume of work managed by the marketing team. Beate also directly contributed to the development of some digital marketing initiatives including driving a high-level website review and adjustment of the website structure.


  • Online Enquiry:
    Average leads from online enquiry alone, increased by 44% during the same year on year period;
  • Phone Enquiry:
    Increase in phone based enquiry grew by 36%
  • Better Collaboration:
    Improved cooperation between the marketing team, with clearer
    reporting lines and collaboration with the sales team;
  • Transparency:
    Greater transparency of lead source – we now know what we didn’t know before, where it was all coming from, allowing us to optimise for the future and target expenditure efficiently;
  • Relevancy:
    A direction of resource to where it is most needed. Now, the focus is on greater and more relevant content creation
  • Strategic Plan:
    Creation of a plan for 2017 that is now being leveraged, as well as review of several business efficiencies.

MDC provides an ideal opportunity to hire in the right resource for the right need. In our instance, it was a case of having somebody senior pull together the threads of our different strands of marketing, and setup measurement of their effectiveness. Once we began to see the metrics around each activity, we were able to formulate a plan, and decide where we wanted to spend, where we wanted to pull back and build a plan around that. It’s not exactly rocket science, but so many businesses just keep doing what they’re doing without
identifying what works and what doesn’t. Using an MDC Marketing Director, we were able to access an experienced resource from outside our business.”

Mark Culverson


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