BusinessCraft has evolved into an extensive fully integrated business management solution for top companies in the Residential Building, Engineering and Service industries around Australia. In 2015 the Managing Director decided that the company needs to go to the next stage and target steady growth in the home building market; particularly, win more clients in the HIA top 100. BusinessCraft initially created a strategic business plan which identified a set of objectives along with many initiatives that need to be implemented for BusinessCraft to achieve the objectives. The challenge highlighted in the strategic plan, was how to achieve this growth? Which is why they approached us.


The strategy confirmed BusinessCraft’s strengths was across product, people, technical expertise and processes and this was the lynchpin to long standing loyal customers. It was also a strong platform for BusinessCraft to leverage to expedite their capabilities in sales and marketing to increase revenue from licences and consulting.

During the first phase, we confirmed the target market as Home Building Companies over a
certain size. The focus was to create a simple marketing tactical plan, with just a few activities. Specifically, we defined the Sustainable Competitive Advantage along with key messages needing to be communicated company-wide. It sounds simple, but so few get the basics right.

Then, our marketing director quantified growth so that it was measurable. They created a series of projects to develop and utilise methods and channels for promotion, and set up objectives that were to be achieved, systematically.

The second phase of the engagement has shifted to delivering the plan. The part time marketing director is executing concurrent projects, coordinating with internal and external
resources, including CRM, content writers, website hosts, designers and event managers.


  • E-marketing:
    A successful lead generation electronic direct mail (EDM) campaign;
  • Brand Update:
    Updating the design, and messaging for the entire business;
  • Better Internal System Collaboration:
    Increased content, integrity and utilisation of the CRM;
  • Content Marketing:
    A content marketing program, including a Blog series;
  • Increasing Participation Fee:
    Boosting the User Group participation regime;
  • Real Customer Feedback
    Revelations to capitalise on and confirmations of the product and brand strength through a client user ‘health’ survey;
  • Strong Brand Awareness
    50% of the revenue has been steadily coming from a group of loyal HIA (Housing Industry Ass) ‘top 100’ building companies; based on an outstanding product with strong support.
  • Customer Retention:
    Customer retention has been a steady 97%.

It was a natural progression for us to take on a part time marketing director. Having completed our strategy, we knew we had to increase our sales and marketing capability to achieve our objectives and the Marketing Director Centre proved to be the ideal resource to help us do it. Tony has done well to understand and interpret our brand but more importantly, to work with the necessary resources and get projects done. The results so far have been encouraging.


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