Our client had a stellar reputation in their industry, backed by the security of a large global institution. But the sales team were disparate and spread across the country, with no real leadership and no real reason for doing things. In other words, we don’t know whether we should have reps spread across the country equally, or whether to use agencies. Also, the MD was running the sales with no real sales management background, which was costing the business, as he was being continually diverted away from where he was needed


We looked from within their sales team, and found the one person we believed could become a Sales Manager. The team was too small for the manager to give up his own territory entirely, but it was evident that the sales were not going forward without a leader.

The solution was then to train the new sales leader as quickly as possible, to enable them to become a leader – a different proposition entirely. We needed to move fast, and so we set about working with the new manager through a sales management programme across several weeks and months. We looked at sales strategies, developing a process, sales rhythm, reporting to an Exec team, how to manage performance (or lack of) and most of all, how to become an effective leader.


  • Transparency:
    For the first time, our client began to see the figures for what they were, who was performing, where there were gaps that needed to be filled, and what we could expect within a 90/6/12 month timeframe;
  • Sales Strategy:
    Once our client understood that, we were able to then set about delivering on what their clients really want a sales strategy. Not a doorstop, but a guiding document that is a practical document outlining how the overall business was going to achieve growth plans;
  • Flexibility:
    Our plan wasn’t extensive, it didn’t need to be. Our involvement was weekly, with behind the scenes work and so, it was affordable;
  • Improvement on Resources:
    We began to position our client in a way that resonated with their clients, and so the sales requirements fell naturally out into a pattern. We knew, for the first time, where to allocate resources and where to pull back
  • 25% More Cost Effective:
    We pulled resources back and used a much cheaper telephone operator from head office. The trick was identifying where we could do that without disrupting sales. It also meant we could reallocate some of the sales resource elsewhere. In the end, the restructure was 25% cheaper to run;
  • Continued Growth:
    So the client base and the funds continue to grow.

We needed to develop leadership within our national sales team quickly, so we engaged Sales Director Centre quite intensively to begin with. They did two things extremely well for us; firstly, our SDC Sales Director provided a framework within which our newly promoted national sales manager could operate and report back to the executives of the business. Next, and perhaps crucially, they gave our sales manager the confidence to operate at a high level. We found them to be essential for helping our new appointment transition into effective leadership.

Blair Whittle


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