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The beauty of having experts in your business whoa re not here full time (they're here on a part-time basis), who can help mentor other marketing and sales staff has been invaluable. I can;t recommend them highly enough. It was a great choice and I'm really glad we made it. 

Scott Deane

CEO | Learning Seat

Transforming Learning Seat's Marketing Strategy



The client is a mid-sized business in the technology space. They have a large client base and a growing business with a clear exit strategy ahead of them. The culture has been one of a sales-driven nature, but the feeling was that much of the sales effort was wasted, because there was no understanding of the marketing fundamentals; who are my customers, what do they want, how do we communicate with them, how do we nurture new ones? While these may seem basic questions, it would be no surprise to learn that most companies struggle with these simple notions, much less execute well on them.

How we were approached

After viewing our website and talking with our Sale Team, Learning Seat came to the conclusion that we could achieve real breakthrough for them.

As such they decided to get in touch with us, and we began process of transforming their business. 

Our Solution

One of SSGs top CMOs, with a strong background in both wholesale and retail engaged extensively on the project.

After an analysis of the current and future issues facing the business, and in collaboration with the leadership team, our Specialist was able to identify the changes and processes that we're need to achieve growth.

The Process

- Moving the brand communications from product to customer centric. After we spent days talking to employees, customers and even board members we came away thinking we simply didn’t understand what the business did. The proposition was so complex it had become difficult to communicate;

- Synergised the link between marketing and sales. This is again a commonmismatch in many businesses, sales doesn’t see the benefit of marketing,and marketing doesn’t listen to sales. It is crucial to bring them together and use one to support the other, while the other provides feedback directly;

- Move away from pure tactics, to some engaged communication strategy. We looked especially at the channels of communication to LS customers, rather than just Facebook or Twitter. What were the sales people saying in the field, what did the content of our product reflect, how were we highlighting what our customers said?

- Rebuilt a marketing team from the ground up, with a clear focus to position LS as the ‘Category Captain.

The Outcome

  • Increased lead generation
    Marketing now feeds a consistent pipeline of leads into the business on both an inbound and outbound basis. That is, leads are coming to LS as much as LS are having to go and source leads that are cold 
  • Innovation
    Their brand has now shifted to Category Captain – which means that it leads the pack and will drive innovation across the entire sector
  • Business Growth
    As a result, there is consistent growth in the business because of consistent activity. The activity is costed and planned, and relies on a healthy mix of activity that has been tested. We no longer pick up the phone and hope the person answering wants to speak with us
  • Improved Culture
    We affected the culture of the business as well; the sales team and marketing team are in sync, and rely on each other to be effective. There is an understanding of what each does, which leads to accountability across the organisation for everyone to perform to their best.

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