Our client was stuck between start-up and the growth phase. Having recently
completed a comprehensive marketing strategy, the Managing Director, wanted to
build structure and systems that would transform Rotacaster from being a highquality,
specialist manufacturer to also being a marketing and sales organisation.
So, build the sales and marketing capability, prioritise market categories and sales
channels, create the appropriate structure, formalise forecasts with metrics and
embed the incumbent system. The planning for this was challenging due to the
complexity in the Rotacaster product categories, with opportunities in OEM’s, resellers
and retail customers; Australia as well as international; corporate, SME and individuals.


After initial information gathering on objectives, target audiences and a review of the marketing initiatives, the local regional director devised a sales plan with clear priorities across forecasts and objectives, culture, structure, staff/skills, systems/processes, motivation and management.  

The business objective being to achieve year on year growth in sales and profit in each of the 4 product categories through strategic channels.

The second phase of the engagement shifted to commencing the delivery of the plan. Concurrently, the SD also took on an interim Business Development Role; managing and transitioning opportunities to sales revenue (and to the incoming business Development Manager).


  • A new marketing manager sourced and appointed
  • A new Business Development Manager sourced and appointed
  • A cooperative system (marketing, sales and operations) incorporating forecasts, activities and data from the Netsuite CRM plus the KPI, reporting and collaboration through Results.com
  • Increase in electronic marketing activities and lead generation
  • 80% increase in electronic marketing activities and 45% increase in lead generation
  • Increased activities in managing, building and nurturing the dealer network
  • 55% increase in activities in managing and closing corporate SME sales opportunities.

I have known for quite a while what we needed to do to take Rotacaster from the start-up and development phase into a strong growth phase; what Tony and the Sales Director Centre bought was a capable resource to interpret my vision and combine it with the marketing strategy into a coherent plan and to commence turning plan into a deliverable.

Peter McKinnon

Managing Director

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