Our client is a well-respected, multiple award-winning business that has built a strong reputation over 20 years. As part of a strategic review to maximise the continued growth opportunities, the client had embarked on an ambitious programme to refresh its marketing, product and sales approach.

The brief for the Sales Director Centre was to apply a "fresh eyes" perspective across the Sales function to identify any areas of efficiency, to identify whether one of the Sales team could step up into the Sales Manager role, to support the Marketing review and to release the CEO and GM from some fo the day-to-day management/engagement with the Sales team.


After running a Discovery Roadmap session with the Leadership, Sales and Marketing Teams to identify key areas of attention, a Sales Director was engaged to deliver on the outcomes.

Over a period of 6 months, the Sales Director worked with the Sales team to refine and deliver sales processes including the various touch points within the wider business. Customer account classification and account planning with quarterly reviews for key accounts were implemented. The extensive CRM database was also interrogated and refined in order to ensure existing customers were delivered the best solutions for their needs, and the data was accurate and robust enabling monthly and quarterly reporting and forecasting.

Another key area was working closely with the Marketing Team to understand the key needs for the business's exisiting and future customers and subsequently deliver an acquisition strategy and comprehensive sales presentation deck, aligned with the new website.

Finally, a critical aspect of the role was to coach and engage with the sales team on a regular basis, to understand their challenges and deliver support ongoing. They key outcome was the appointment of one of the team to the role of Sales Manager.


  • Confidence:
    Confidence within the Sales team and wider business that the streamlined processes would deliver increased efficiencies and enable more time for business development.
  • Structured Approach:
    A structured approach to managing the current customer base, ensuring the best ongoing service being delivered.
  • Communication:
    Weekly Sales team meetings to ensure all were aligned and across the new approach to ultimately deliver growth.
  • Encouragement:
    Whilst it is still early days on Sales numbers growth, the combined review of Sales, Marketing and Product/Services has set the team up for success with a renewed vigour.
  • Strategic Plan
    Creation of a plan for 2018 and ongoing that will enhance profitability even further.

Running our in-depth discovery session gave us the opportunity to view the client's sales strategies and business objectives with a fresh set of eyes. We were able to break through business barriers; unite the sales and marketing teams and re-haul key strategies that were holding the business back from pulling in new clients and generating continual growth.

After working side by side with the sales team, we ran with their strong points and re-structured their strategies, position and focus. This led to a very motivated and successful sales team and in turn, led to a very thriving business!

Robbie Graham

Sales Director

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