Beate Duesterwald

Beate has 20+ years’ experience in predominantly SMEs, Start-ups, Not for Profits and as a Sole Trader. She has had previous business experience in European markets and was a country representative across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Beate is entrenched in the SME world through her affiliations, networks and work with SME clients where she has; provided a Marketing strategy and executional plan for a HR Tech business, produced a Go-To-Market and brand strategy for a FinTech company and managed the marketing team for an Arborist business, where she achieved 5 consecutive months of exceeding website sales and KPIs. She also works as a Director for two NFPs (Feral Arts and It’s Not Funny – a charity supporting Parkinson’s). Working as a part-time Marketing Director, a Digital Strategist, a Director for two Not for Profits and with past experience being a business owner herself (in the European market), Beate is a well-rounded expert when it comes to enabling businesses to achieve growth.

Industry Experience

• Financial Services (Ltd Insurance)

• Higher Education

• Technology

• Services/Consulting

• Consumer Products

Key Skills

• Digital Marketing

• Strategy Development

• UX (User Experience)

• CX Strategy Development

• Information Architecture

• Data Analysis

• Customer Profiling and Segmentation

Business Expertise

•Multi-national Corporations (Listed)

• ASX Listed


• Start-Up

• SME Owner

Beate's experience with SMBs

Beate works as a part-time marketing director for a business, supplying arborists, Landcare businesses and government councils. The work with this client provides great insights into the current issues for agriculture businesses such as the drought & climate changes, feral animals destroying the vegetation and/or harvest by trying to find food, mining that might impact on agriculture, environmentally friendly production, etc. Beate has significant experience in the pharmaceutical industry through her previous work with a number of large European pharma businesses. The challenges in this industry include cost of drug development and demand for shorter development cycles, generic drugs becoming more established, the rise of 'super bugs/viruses' etc. She sees many opportunities for the industry through the developments in AI and machine learning to accelerate drug development and testing cycles. Beate worked with Glaxo Smith Kline in Sydney on marketing initiatives for the Panadol and Children’s Panadol brands.

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