Charles Neesham

Charles has had 20+ of senior FMCG experience in Australia and internationally, where he was a country representative in countries such as; USA, China, Fiji, PNG, Tahiti, Samoa, New Caledonia and the Pacific Islands. He has a successful track history leading large teams to deliver breakthrough change management, business integration and best practice customer relations. Experienced across multiple channels, including grocery, route, P&C, export and commercial and a key member of senior leadership teams, including board experience. One of his career achievements include turning around an FMCG Company from negative $8M EBITDA 2008 to positive $15M in 2017, delivered from an EBITDA CAGAR of 20% 2011-2016. Charles has specialised in the Food and Agribusiness Growth Sector for the majority of his career.

Industry Experience

• Food Manufacturing

• Skin Care Manufacturing

• Manufacturing and Construction

• Printing

• Dairy Manufacturing

Key Skills

• Adaptive Leadership and Management Style

• Commercial Acumen

• Strategic Thinking

• Customer Engagement

Business Expertise

• Consulting

• Coaching and Developing

• Sales Management

• Marketing Consulting

•Strategy and Growth

Charles's experience with SMBs

From working with SMEs in the current economy, Charles has noted that; most businesses are struggling for top line growth and increased competition and finding that their traditional marketing efforts are becoming less and less effective. Competing on price is the fastest and easiest response versus understanding what else they can bring into their marketplace that adds value. As a result, sales teams end up being very short term focussed and lose sight of future KPI’s and future growth strategies compounding into a vicious cycle. Marketing in the new era is poorly understood and executed resulting in wasted resource. This is a key process that requires education and execution to deliver effective results.

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