David Phillips

David William Phillips is a Global Sales Director and Consultant with expertise in B2B Sales Strategy and Management.

 His passion for connecting companies with solutions has shaped a 25+ year career dedicated to growing and improving technology, manufacturing, distribution, construction, and financial organisations across Australia, Asia, and Europe. As a natural leader, Phillips is known for transforming the sales departments of large, medium, and start-up enterprises by restructuring sales models for profit and streamlining systems and processes for peak sales team performance. 

Phillips uses his diverse background at blue-chip companies and disruptive start-ups to offer small and medium-sized enterprises insight into industry best practices in a practicable, understandable, and effective manner. With first-hand experience in growing SME’s, his collaborative and holistic approach balances data-driven decisions within companies culture and values.

Industry Experience

• Technology

• Construction

• Manufacturing

• Distribution

• Financial Services

• Professional Services

Key Skills

• Sales Transformations

• Sales Strategy and Planning

• Sales Organisation, Model and Process

• Sales Management

• Mentoring

• Training

Business Expertise

• Global Technology Companies

• Global B2B Electronics and Printing Manufacturer

• Asia Pacific Distributor

•Professional Services

• Shipping Logistic Services

• Sales Consultancy

David's experience with SMBs

David has had the advantage during his career in working across Corporate's and SME's, including Start-ups. In fact it's one of David's unique point of difference that he is able to bring to SME's years of large scale experience and best practice, in a practicable, understandable an effective manner. 

David has also experienced firsthand, the challenges that most SME's experience from establishing greenfield operation in Indonesia, to growing a Tech business in Hong Kong from a 40 to a 200 man business in 4 years, helping an Australian Software business establish presence in Europe and leading an Australian Professional Service company during the difficult GFC period. Currently all of David's engagements are with SME's in the Construction, Distribution and Tech industries.


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