Jayne Blake

Jayne has over 25+ years of experience in SMEs and multi-nationals with broad cross-functional expertise including key Executive roles in Finance, Sales, Commercial and Customer Relations. Jayne is an inspirational leader with a track record in developing and executing strategy to drive rapid business growth.

She has had country market experience in Europe, Asia and the UK (where she has worked extensively for Vodafone in numerous senior roles) and is currently Chair and Director of Fitness Australia, Director for a Not-for-profit, HeartKids;, as well as consulting for Strategic Specialists Group to SMEs across Australia and running her own coaching and consulting business, JBC International. Jayne is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Industry Experience

• Telecommunications

• Consulting

• Coaching & Development

• Retail

• Health

Key Skills

• Sales Leadership

• Business Development

• Board Advisory

• Business Strategy

• Policies

• Forecasting

• Risk Management

• Sales Coaching

Business Expertise

• Multi-Nationals (Listed)

• ASX Listed

• SME & Start-up

• Not-For-Profit

• Large Corporations

Jayne's experience with SMBs

Jayne has seen firsthand through her role working as Sales and CFO Consultant for Strategic Specialists Group the importance of having good staff, rewarding those staff and maintaining them. So often, it’s crucial in Sales teams to have the right dynamic and team, that when you find someone worth keeping, do everything in your power to hold on to them, nurture them and reward them. Jayne has seen it in countless SMEs that she has worked with across Australia. Often, there is lack of leadership and that trickles down to junior sales team members, who can become neglected or feel undervalued. Creating a community and atmosphere for teams is vital for staying alive as an SME.

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