Jo Casey

Joanne Casey

Joanne is a marketing and business development consultant with a love of fresh thinking and big ideas, people and their stories.  She has worked with a variety of business owners to help them develop creative, simple and effective marketing solutions that are client focused and designed to facilitate growth, build client loyalty and increase return on investment.

 She has more than 15 years’ experience in marketing and business development across a variety of industries including professional services, the public sector, industry associations.  

Industry Experience

• Professional Services

• Public Sector

• Technology

• Services/Consulting

Key Skills

• Business development and marketing strategy

• Client/customer relationship management

• Client/customer experience strategy

• Bid and opportunity management

• Traditional and digital marketing and corporate communications

• Business development and marketing coaching

• Advisor to business owners or marketing and business development team members

Business Expertise

• Start-Up


•Multi-national Corporations

• ASX Listed

Joanne's experience with SMBs

Joanne is passionate about the role marketing and business development can play in the success of any business. With today’s many and varied digital options, Joanne is adamant that great marketing is affordable and achievable for businesses of any size – it comes down to time, effort and budget and finding the right combination that works for your business. 

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