Max Vigne

Max has diverse experience ranging from multinational audit work to top level management. This includes global experience in South Africa, the USA, Europe and Australia. He has a diverse spectrum of experience and knowledge, from all levels of audit and controls work, to successfully building a business from its early stages through to exit. Max has been assisting clients in a consulting CFO capacity since 2012. Max’s business and consulting experience includes: Wholesale, Manufacturing, Import & Export and IT. He is currently advising the board for Strategic Specialists Group and is an active Consulting CFO to SMEs.

Industry Experience

• Wholesale Trade

• Durable Manufacturing

• Technology

• Consulting

Key Skills

• Business Management

• Strategic Planning

• Risk Management

• Accounting

• Financial Reporting

• Financial Risk

• Internal Controls

• Auditing

• Cash Flow Management

• Entrepreneurship

Business Expertise


• Large Family/Private

• Mid-Tier

• Large Corporation

Max's experience with SMBs

Max has had firsthand business experience throughout the whole of his career, including currently, where he works for SMEs and as a Board Advisor and Director. Throughout his past role at CFO Centre, he saw the pressures mounting on leaders in SMEs and knew from dealing with them on a daily basis that lack of support was a big factor in the failure of businesses. As well as this, exit strategies are often not thought through or written down on paper. Max focuses on building businesses with SME leaders from early stages through to exit, which gives the owners a piece of mind, framework and something to work towards.

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