Ryan Bothma

Ryan Bothma is an experienced marketing professional and hold Degree's in Law and Commerce. Rather than go into the legal industry, Ryan chose to pursue a career in marketing and business development.

He has worked in a range of startups (from freelance marketplaces to fintechs) helping them to get their marketing off the ground and increase initial growth. He has a passion for working in small businesses and enjoys the wide variety of experience they provide. He's particularly interested in business and marketing strategy as well as hands-on implementation and using SaaS to solve problems and automate business processes.

Ryan works closely with the Directors of Strategic Specialists Group to implement the strategic plan and manage the day-to-day marketing efforts. He is also responsible for integrating and optimising tech programs across all areas of the business.

Industry Experience

• Technology

• Consulting

• Hospitality

• Legal

• Financial Technology

Key Skills

• Marketing Campaigns

• Reporting and Analytics

• SEM and Search

• Content Development and Management

• Graphic Design

• Team Management (onsite & offshore)

• Tech Stack implementation & management

Business Expertise

• SMEs

• Start-Ups

• Non-for-profits

• Large Corporations

Ryan's experience with SMBs

Ryan has worked with SMBs over the course of several years, whether they be small start-ups, or established businesses. He is used to the fast pace that SMBs operate at and understands what they need in their different growth stages. 

He excels at executing marketing plans that are tailored to SMBs and their customers, and are results driven. He is comfortable working with different sized marketing teams and budget. In past roles, Ryan has been a 'one-man-band', executing all of the marketing campaigns and deliverables individually, while being supported by an offshore team. In other roles, he has worked under a Marketing Director, responsible for managing the marketing team, execution of the marketing plan, and delivering results. 

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