Tony Collett

Tony has 35 years’ experience in managing or facilitating the design and execution of business and functional strategies. He has experience across general management, sales management, digital and non-digital marketing, brand positioning selling and competitive strategy. Tony’s work is aimed at organic growth and scaling for organisations in a several industries including resources, manufacturing, wholesaling & distribution, transport & logistics, FMCG, technology and telecommunications; mainly throughout Australia but also in New Zealand, SE Asia and Sub-Sahara Africa. The common theme is that there is a desire to articulate a vision, achieve strategic objectives and to ensure that the organisation is (and is believed by customers to be) providing a competitive advantage. He works enthusiastically and tirelessly with Proprietors, CEO's, managers and concurrently with his work colleagues and resources to ensure the appropriate focus and effort.

Industry Experience

• FMCG, 3 tier distribution

• Manufacturing and Engineering

• Natural Resources

• Packaging

• IT Solutions

Key Skills

• Management

• Change Management

• Business Strategy

• Business Analysis

• Operational Excellence

• Business Process Improvement

• Sales

• Business Development

• Operations Management

• Management Consulting

• Project Management

• Business Transformation

Business Expertise


• Mid-Tier

• Large Corporation

• Government

Tony's experience with SMBs

Tony has worked with, serviced or consulted with businesses across all growth sectors (as mentioned above); in all cases with aims to develop strategies and implement them through various change management projects: over 60 organisations, across most of these industry’s value chains for small-to-medium sized businesses. The focus has been in marketing, sales, maintenance, logistics and operations. The common issue with all engagements in any organisation is the change management cycle. In every situation, the strategic intent and the initial design for improvement or change is enthusiastically accepted among the SMEs population and the implementation stages go through various stages of non-acceptance, resistance, cautious optimism, mechanical compliance and then ownership, improved moral and positive engagement.

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