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We Accelerate Businesses

We’re a different kind of consultancy. Offering access to top tier thinking, processes and expertise, we help ambitious businesses unlock their potential to scale with confidence and efficiency. 

Working side-by-side with business owners to develop and deliver customised plans of action, we become part of the team, ensuring a smooth transition and fine-tuning our approach to see results take shape.

Our team has experience in a diverse range of industries, across marketing, sales, finance and technology functions. Naturally results-driven, we have a strong track record of success, and a proven ability to double, or even triple, client revenue in just a few years.

Together, we can offer the support you need to amplify your efforts, and accelerate progress.

Our Mission

Strategic Specialists Group is committed to deliver breakthroughs for your business. Our accomplished specialists work with you on flexible terms that suit your requirements.

We aim to enable business owners to over-achieve and be sustainable for years to come.

We also support others in our community that are less fortunate.

Our Story

Business advisory by core functional specialisation saw the launch of the CFO Centre (2009) for chief financial officers, the Marketing Director Centre (2014) for chief marketing officers and the Sales Director Centre (2016) for chief sales officers and chief commercial officers.

The Group shifted from a house of brands to the branded house of Strategic Specialists Group in 2017. Our core specialisms evolved to become Marketing, Sales and CFO Specialists. 

As demand for expert advisory services increased, in 2019 the business expanded to offer strategic human resources and chief technology and chief information officer services. The resultant five core disciplines mirror the core functional expertise large corporations utilise for strategic growth planning and scaling businesses through to strategic implementation and alignment of operations with strategy.

Strategic Specialists Group

Our Values


Aim Higher

Curious, passionate and determined, we strive for more. It’s a spirit that inspires learning, drives growth, and has a positive effect on clients.


Challenge Convention

Creative and open minded in solving problems, we embrace a different approach.


Spark progress

Generous with our insights and expertise, we promote open communication and collaboration at every level. It keeps us moving forward, together.


Stay True

Our beliefs make us who we are. Faith. Family. Trust. We honour our word, and the principles that define us.


Never Settle

We drive continuous improvement for ourselves and our clients.

Leadership team

With a wealth of combined knowledge between them, our leadership team all have experience in helping businesses accelerate their progress and grow.

Click through to see all our Specialists and their profiles. 

Our CFO Specialists

Helping others

Barnabus Fund, International

Barnabus Fund works with Christian persecuted minorities in countries where religious freedom is restricted. They offer practical solutions, including micro enterprise to help families rebuild their lives, and overcome in many cases, extreme hardship.


Living Waters, Borneo

Living Waters was founded 3 decades ago in the heart of Borneo. An Australian couple were working there, and began to take in some of the local orphans to live with them and their own children. When they finally had 30 children living with them, they sought out a place where they could build something more permanent.

Today, Living Waters has grown into a complex that has been literally carved out of the jungle, and houses nearly 1,000 children, and provides schooling and food for 2,000. Many of the children will leave Living Waters to get training and education, and then return to work and continue the mission.



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